Litigation Consulting

Our scope of services encompasses:

  - Consultation on the Financial      Issues of Case Strategy

  - Assistance with Discovery             Issues: Interrogatories,                 Document Requests, etc.


  - Assistance with Depositions of      Opposing Experts

  - Trial Exhibit and Courtroom      Presentation

  - Expert Testimony

Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation:

  - Misappropriation of Corporate      Assets

  - Income Investigations for      Marital Support

  - Employee Theft

  - Reconstruction of Financial      Records

  - Lost Wage Calculations

  - Economic Damage Analysis

Litigation Support Services

We are committed to providing high-quality service in the areas of litigation support and expert witness testimony. Our training and experience allow us to research, quantify, and present the financial impact of a legal dispute in a clear and concise manner that is both understandable and properly supported.

Choosing the right litigation consultant can save you valuable time and money while enhancing your position in the matter at hand. We can support an approach with solid financial facts and assist in being more fully prepared for negotiations and trials. Our professionals are trained in expert witness testimony and experienced in presenting case facts in negotiations or trial situations. We are fully dedicated to providing attorneys and others with strong litigation support at the level of service your project requires.